new science needs new skills

In the fast-paced world of research, things change quickly - technology moves on, and you have to keep up.

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introducing the bixophia project

Modern biology requires a team with the right people and the right skills. Finding the right bioinformatics training and expert support can be a challenge, so we have developed a simple tool to help you.

Developed by AE's sister company nexaSTEM, Bixophia is an online tool for discovering training and expert support for bioinformatics. Whilst a number of higher education courses are available for this subject, the requirement for bioinformatics knowledge has rapidly increased in recent years; many researchers in the life sciences find themselves lacking these skills as they did not form part of their initial formal education.

Bixophia is a one-stop-shop for finding appropriate bioinformatics training, coupled with a geographic (UK) search for local experts - offering a simple route to both up-skill and support the development of mid-career scientists in the workplace. (Try it by clicking here - or the logo opposite)